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​What is expected to become a ski patroller?

Our patrollers are trained to the highest standards set by the National Ski Patrol system. The first step in the candidate process is to participate in our annual end of season ski-off, which evaluates your skill level.  Starting in the Fall, each selected candidate will undergo over 16 weeks of classroom and hands-on training.   Upon completion of the training, candidates will be evaluated by written and practical exams.  Once the snow begins falling, there are additional required medical and skiing trainings.  At the end of the season there is an additional practical medical exam and a skiing and toboggan skills test.  Successful candidates will be indoctrinated onto the Seven Springs Ski Patrol.  After the first year, all patrollers must attend an annual medical and on the hill refresher.

How much time is required?

The process of becoming a Seven Springs Ski Patroller is extremely demanding of your time and dedication.  Your first year will be a serious time commitment and quite challenging at times. However, earning your cross and a place on the Seven Springs Ski Patrol will be life changing, with lifelong skills & friendships developed along the way.

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Training Framework

This classed is based on the Outdoor Emergency Care book and framework issued by the National Ski Patrol.  The class entails at least 16 weeks of training focusing on lecture, practical skills, and hands-on scenarios. 

This training is conducted on the mountain and focused on expanding the classroom the training  into handling real world scenarios in the snow.  The class typically occurs most weekends in the winter.  These trainings are essential preparation for being the first patroller on scene at an incident.

OET Training is to teach candidates the essential skiing and toboggan  skills required to safely transport injured patients. Having strong skiing or snowboarding skills and being in good physical condition is required to complete this part of the training.

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